What can I do?

Protect water quality in the Taghkanic Creek

The Department of Environmental Conservation's Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators (WAVE) program trains volunteers and teams to collect information about insects living in streams.

Trout Unlimited is a nation-wide organization that works to protect and restore trout streams. Volunteer opportunities may be available with the Columbia County chapter. 

Tell a friend why you care about the Taghkanic Headwaters!

Build connections and community

Participate in volunteer programs like the Follow the Forest Initiative to track forest health in your community.

Become a volunteer with the Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings Project, which helps frogs and salamanders cross roadways safely when they migrate to their annual breeding habits.

Connect with the local stakeholders and municipal Conservation Advisory Councils (CACs) involved in developing this plan. Find your Conservation Advisory Council here.